Monday, December 15, 2008

Be Prepared!

We crawled into Salem to the hospital tonight. When we left, we had no idea how bad Salem roads would still be but we made it there (going about 25 mph on highway 22). Michael has been taken off the oxygen and lights and is now able to be cuddled by Dad or mom while feeding. (It's mom's milk but through a feeding tube). I know it's a grandma thing, but I just have to post another picture!
Notice Dusty's book and the "tool belt" on the cover.
And what did I do during the day? Speak about being prepared... although districts all around us were closed, my district chose to stay open and didn't even have a delay. In the town, there were dry roads but so, so many staff live where the snow and ice was present. Kids went outside for recess since the gym was being prepared for the Christmas program on Thursday (what's the chance of that even happening?) and some didn't have coats!!! Many teachers just kept their kids in the classrooms. I'm sure we'll be back tomorrow as well. If it has to snow, please let it dump some on my school and that town as well!

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