Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Simple Gifts

There's an old Shaker hymn that states,'Tis a gift to be simple, 'tis a gift to be free" that talks about how living simply brings freedom. Well, we've begun (a little too early to call it spring cleaning) clearing our closets of some clutter. I don't know if it'll bring freedom. Right now, it's a disaster as Dan piles up shirt after shirt that doesn't fit, he doesn't like and so therefore doesn't wear. I'm doing the same but I like everything that I have stuffed into my closet! Of course, that doesn't mean it fits or that I wear it so I'm trying to part with some things anyway. But then...what if I lose weight or find the perfect match for that sweater that's been hanging there for years because nothing matches? And how can I get rid of the "I heart NY" t-shirts that hold memories? It really started because we want to ready our spare bedroom for the inevitable company that will accompany a wedding here. That meant moving out a dresser, but to do that, we'd have to clean it out and then, as long as we were doing that, might as well clean the closet too. The idea has a domino effect as the chaos grows. Simplicity and freedom? We'll see.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Good Friends

It's amazing-we're not sure why we are so blessed but we sure appreciate the friendships in our lives. Norm and Karla practically GAVE us a car. It seems like someone in our family always has car problems and this will be our "loner" while Dan works on the other. Of course, we're hoping that we don't have to use it for a long time. (I also can't help wondering if this will be a vehicle we need if for some reason, Dan has to turn in his company vehicle--I shouldn't even let myself think those thoughts. Well, for whatever reason for the gift, we are grateful and enjoyed the visit. We were planning on going to Newberg and help Randy paint but he got home late from a men's retreat and was tired so we put that off. He got to see Sheryl while at Twin Rocks though and caught her up on his engagement news!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Isn't God Good?

We are feeling so blessed today. First, Dan had a productive time in Spokane. He had gone up with some friends who were moving their daughter up north of there for a job and although he insisted, they wouldn't let him pay for gas. Anyway, he was able to do some needed repairs, etc. for mom and Gil. They would NEVER ask for help, but when we said Dan was coming and they'd better get a list of things for him to do, they didn't have any trouble finding things. Gil (93 years old)has lost his appetite and was going downhill fast. But with Dan there, he perked up and ate every meal and then some. Mom said the gift of time with them both was as valuable as the work he did. Dan's a fast worker so he got a lot done for them in the 4 days he was there too. Then, in spite of the huge amount of work he's done cleaning up all the fallen oak, that in itself turned out to be a mixed blessing. We are trading some oak firewood for some beef! Our freezer will be full for all those fun summer barbecues. And most importantly of all, we are blessed because Randy finally asked Gina!! We will have that summer wedding in the backyard and yes, the storm debris will be gone by then! God is good!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Grandma's Brag Book

A View Out the Window.

We had a couple of nights at Depoe Bay and enjoyed every minute. There's something so soothing about watching the waves. The weather was actually warmer at the beach than in Salem and perfect for strolling in the sand! This inquisitive visitor came to call this morning and eventually left since we followed the "Do Not Feed the Seagull" signs!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The sun came out!

We actually saw the sun and a gorgeous Mt. Hood while in Troutdale for a team training for work. Troutdale was COLD, very windy, but sunny! The training was held at Edgefield Manor, an old historical building, but because some of the team didn't like the idea of shared bathrooms, no TV in rooms, etc. we stayed at a Best Western down the road. I was very disappointed but...oh well, I wasn't paying for it. I should have had my camera though. The building was full of wonderful painted murals and loads of character. The first day we were a bit dismayed when it appeared that most of the sessions were for secondary schools but we made the best of it with and even got in a few hours for our own team meeting in the afternoon. Day two was better. Today, it's back to work on cleaning up the branches in the yard still and then, (yeah!), D and I are heading to the coast for a break. No money but lots of credits for the condo works just fine these days.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Baby fix

Gina and Randy came down today. Randy came to help with the clean up but Gina and I went shopping instead. We had a great time and Gina even found what she needed. At church though we got our "baby fix". Here's Gina feeding Michael and then Crystal took care of the burping. :>) I got him for the Sunday School hour. I really needed my baby time after going a whole week without seeing him!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Clean up continues!

More yard clean-up today. Is it ever going to end? Oh well, we had some fun doing it and appreciated so much the help we got from Jerri & Eric. Dan's doing some work for them so they came over for about 6 hours today to help out as a trade. I think we may have gotten the best end of the trade!
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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Coast Fun

On New Year's Day we took some of the grandkids crabbing off the dock in Newport. At least that was the intent, but we ended the day empty-handed. The time at the Hatfield Marine Center was well spent and the condo had an indoor pool, so the trip was still a success! The kids had us thoroughly waterlogged by the time we came home. Why is it that we wear out LONG before they do?
PS-Is it really 2009!

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