Monday, January 18, 2010

It's been quite a weekend!

We thought it would be a laid-back, putter-around-the -house weekend. Oh, how wrong we were! Our not-quite 2 month old grandson was taken to Doernbecher Hospital Friday evening with RSV, which is serious in infants. That left one-year old Michael and big brother Jacob with us (and poor little Michael is sick too). I've spent many, many sleepless nights rocking a sick baby but it was over 25 years ago! But love doesn't see how old we feel, just need! There are blessings tucked in amongst these times too. D & C were able to stay at the Ronald McDonald house for instance, and today Michael is able to finally sleep and take a nap without being held and we are told that DJ has turned the corner and may get out of ICU tomorrow! PTL! Today I have 5 of the grandchildren but they are entertaining each other so this sleepy grandma is coping.
PS-Dusty will come home later this evening to watch the kids since I have to work tomorrow.