Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mini Miracles

Sometimes in the middle of these larger life events small miracles go unnoticed and unappreciated. Yet when we look, they are all around us!
For instance, last night our church was broken into again. Several police responded (including canine officers) and apprehended one suspect. The police were very thorough and remained a few hours fingerprinting, collecting evidence, etc. (My husband was there too to help with information needed about the church contents.) Anyway, Dan came home about 6:30 am and shortly received a call from one officer who was missing his camera and thought it had been left at the church. Dan met him at the church and they scoured it and even the parking lot but found nothing. (The officer thought he might have left it on the trunk of the car while filling out the report). Just before church was to begin that officer called to let us know that after calling his wife and asking for prayer, and being off duty he began heading home and should have gone south on I-5. Instead he found himself heading north and thought-"Boy, am I tired. Why did I take this ramp!" And at that moment spotted his camera along the road! (Ah, so he had left it on the trunk and driven off). We have a God who specializes in finding the lost---He found me when I was lost just like he found this tired officer's camera.
Mini miracles are all around us. Look for one today-ask for one!