Friday, October 31, 2008

Here's to new traditions!

Usually we stay home on Halloween and hand out candy (it was down last year to only about 80 kids), but we spent this year with some of the grandkids. Gary, being the activities director at a retirement home, had planned a "Safe House" Halloween night there. Since he had to work, we helped watch out for the kids. Some of the residents were operating games and having fun handing out candy. Of course, there was also loads of Halloween refreshments! Afterwards, we stopped by Grandma Belle's and then out for pizza. I think everyone else in South Salem was at the same pizza joint, but we eventually got their tummies full of something besides candy!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Application Time

Well, now it's time to fill out applications again. We've been through this in the past and the new road has always turned out to be the best thing for us, but it's hard nonetheless. There's even a job opening in Roseburg. Hmmm...what would that look like? D driving back and forth on weekends like he did when he first got the job in Salem? Moving this summer? We'll have to discuss this application a little more before it gets submitted.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Breakfast & Books

Every year we have a morning parent meeting for Title I and invite families. Yesterday was the day and we had a great turn-out. I love seeing the parents interact with their children! The spread was appreciated and the leftovers made it to the staff room---more appreciation! Some years we have questions about why their child is needing extra help but this time, in response to telling them that children may not need the extra help all year, we had comments such as: "please keep him in your group", "she loves coming to reading", etc. It's a lot of extra work but worth it for the connections we make with parents.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Hunting Success is a lot of work!

The guys came back from hunting this week with a couple of deer. That made them all very happy but there's work involved with success. They spent one night butchering and sometime this weekend they'll try to fit in a sausage making session. Dan has to help with a home remodel of a friend and try to fix Dusty's car also. My biggest chore will be mowing the "back 40"! But oh, this glorious weather will make it enjoyable to be outdoors (just wishing it was on a drive through tree lined roads instead of picking leaves up off the lawn)!