Friday, September 26, 2008

Downsizing Victim

Well, it happens to everyone and more frequently these days with the economy spiraling downward, so we shouldn't be surprized it happened to us. Dan found out Thursday that beginning on this Monday, his job as it was is gone. He will have a job of sorts, hourly as needed but probably that means not much work this winter. He thinks he may work most of October (at a fraction of what he made on salary) and the "powers that be" said NO OVERTIME.
It doesn't feel very good after working at this company for 13 years to have the rug jerked out, but many others in the company are in the same boat and some even lost their jobs entirely. Gone are the days of the family owned business where people were more important that profit. The spreadsheet and bottom line are what's important. It's just the way it is now.
Our first thought was, " least we already took our vacation last summer :>)", then...oh, oh, we shouldn't have gotten the credit card balances up so high with that trip and all the household projects (i.e. new roof, new door, new gutters, yard projects and plants, etc., etc.). But then we stop and remember that we've been through this before when Gary was 6, Dusty 4 and Randy only 2 and we have an awesome God who has unlimited resources and He is able to help us make wise decisions with the income we are left with and will provide as we need. We can't know what the future holds....but we know WHO hold the future! It'll just be a new adventure. Our prayer is that we won't be bitter and will look for the blessings. :>)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Belle's 80th Birthday Bash

Belle turned 80 in style on Saturday! We were thankful that the weather was beautiful, even if a little on the chilly side in late afternoon. Teresa, Dan's sis, and her husband Glenn came Wednesday to cook and help out. They were wonderful and made it easy to host this party! In fact, they deserve all the credit! We had 46 family and friends gather in our backyard to celebrate the occasion. While mom knew we were having a family barbecue, she was surprised by the folks who came. Former neighbors, friends, a sister, nieces and nephews, grandchildren and even a great-grandson attended along with all her children. (Getting all of her children together is an occasion in itself!) Some of these relatives came from Washington, California, Colorado, and one niece had just escaped the hurricane in Houston, Texas!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

September 13th-14th

It was a quick weekend for sure! I flew up to Spokane on Saturday morning and back home again Sunday afternoon. We sure packed a lot of family fun into those short hours! Five of the siblings were there, and many of my mother's grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The wedding was held on Mt. Spokane at a beautiful lodge, the bride was beautiful, the groom calm and both were perfect hosts. We had never met her family before but they were delightful. It'll be easy to blend these families--although most of her side lives in Wisconsin. My sisters and I stayed up way too late talking and then woke early to have a quick 60th birthday breakfast for the oldest sis, Diane, and then off to get sister Joanne to the airport. After church, we had a fabulous dinner of salmon that was caught and smoked by a fellow from the Aleut tribe from Kodiak, Alaska. Great weekend!