Sunday, December 14, 2008


Here's more snow and more Michael!
The snow melted away during the day and now it's starting to fall again. We took the brief reprieve in the weather to head to the hospital (and the auto parts store). This picture shows Michael in his "tanning bed", but Cristal called me after we left and said that they were taking the lights away bilirubin lights and removing the oxygen. In fact, she said they were putting him in a sleeper even!
Dan is still working on the transmission--but the end is in sight. CARS!! Oh, and speaking of cars, I backed into a parked car last night at the Aumsville Community Christmas event! I had to go back inside and use my "teacher voice" to get attention to find out who I'd hit. It almost was the straw that broke the camel's back....but it's all being taken care of by our insurance and I decided it's better to count blessings than dwell on the stupid things I do!

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