Saturday, June 21, 2008

French Riviera

1st day of summer and a perfect day on the French Riviera! We anchored out in the harbor and took small boats called tenders into port. From an ancient fortress in Villefranche we boarded our coach and headed off to visit Nice. After a bus tour, we stopped at the flower market near the beach. No wonder the "rich and famous" come here. It's stunning! After strolling around soaking up the local atmosphere (including watching a wedding party in a courtyard), we got back on the bus and were off to the mountain top to a small medieval village of Eze. Only 20 people still live there but there are lots of shops with local artisan's wares. You have to park at the bottom and hike up winding ancient cobblestone paths and stairways about 1/4 mile to reach the village. No wonder only 20 people live there. Can you imagine carrying groceries? Anyway, again, a very charming place! Today was probably the most relaxed tour we've been on since all was within a short distance from port and not as crowded as the Italian tours.

We can't believe this is the last night of the cruise. Tomorrow we disembark at 9:15 am and will be in Barcelona for another day, leaving the hotel at 3 AM! We've enjoyed everything this week! The food is delicious---last night for example, the chocolate party was mouth-watering! We have picture of the chocolate sculptures as well as some samples of what we ate. Next week will be a diet, I fear! We've heard some great music, met some lovely people from all over, and enjoyed spending time with each other! Who would have thought that a construction guy and a teacher would have this opportunity! Thank-you again to our wonderful son, Randy for this gift!
Anyway, no more postings unless we have a couple of minutes in the morning. We look forward to boring you with the over 1200 pictures we have! Ciao! :>)

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