Friday, June 20, 2008


The city of Michelangelo's David as well as his tomb. Many masters are from here. At the church we saw the tomb of Dante, and Galileo along with Michelangelo's. It was hot today (34 C) and the air conditioning on the bus didn't work but Dan's sweat glands did! Never enough time but after lunch, on we went to Pisa. It's still standing....we didn't have time to climb to the top (as if we would have) but saw others who did.
Tonight there's a chocoholic's dessert party at 10:30. We'll do our best to defend our reputation and eat enough for all of you!


Gina said...

Just think Dan, all the sweating you are doing is allowing for more eating!!! Glad you are still going strong on this trip.

See ya guys soon!


rstudnick said...

Just to let you know I can eat chocolate too. You did pack the deodorant didn't you? Oh well, you will probably never see those people again so so what. As long as you have fun it will all be worth it.