Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Amalfi Coast/Pompeii

The ship docked at the port in Naples early this morning and we started on another adventure heading towards the Amalfi Coast in a fog---literally. The drive took about 1 1/2 hours up through beautiful Italian countryside, terrifying though it was (for some of us), Dan enjoyed it! The EXTREMELY steep, narrow, winding road was filled with hairpin turns and we were on a 40-foot long bus! (And remember, it was foggy!) I mean, this road was about the width of a small alley back home but had 2-way traffic which often had to stop and back-up to allow larger vehicles to maneuver, sometimes it was a problem when both lanes had large vehicles! A particularly long and harrowing delay occurred when a truck hauling lemons got stuck between us and a rock wall! (We were on the side of the step drop into eternity!) The steep road had traffic backed up for quite a while. What a sight with all these drivers getting out to "express" themselves! Our guide told us they were probably discussing the weather! :>) Although Shirley was sure this would be our last day on earth, eventually the expertise of our driver got us out of the situation and we continued on. After visiting this area--it really is gorgeous---we went to Pompeii. First, we stopped for a lovely authentic Italian dinner -several courses even. Stuffed, we went on foot to explore the city of Pompeii. Again, incredible! I'm running out of descriptive words but we will never forget the sights of this day! Unfortunately, our camera's battery went dead before we were done with Pompeii so from now on we'll take both cameras.
Love to all!


Randy said...

That's very very awesome guys...And yes, it'd be a bad idea to die on the windy dangerous roads. I don't want to say I sent my parents to their doom! So come back and tell me your stories...

Love you guys, and am very jealous of you right now..


Gina said...

Wow, I can just picture it! What an adventure! My dad said that is exactly how he remembers it over there and he was glad he was on a moped. Maybe you guys should rent those next time. Now wouldn't that be an adventure! Glad you are having fun. Wish we were there with you!

Luv, gina ;-)

rstudnick said...

I am very glad you are having so much fun. I understand how excited one can be but better yet you are together and can draw excitement from each other too. I am very very sorry we can not be with you so you will just have to take it all in for us now and share when you get home. Wish I was with you and miss you a whole bunch.