Monday, June 16, 2008

1st Day at Sea

There's something so right about waking up and looking out the balcony door at the oh-so blue Mediterranean Sea! (If you hadn't heard, Dan got a last-minute deal on an up-grade!) Although the rest of the week will be sightseeing in various ports, today was all about fun and sun. The fun included Shirley winning a beach bag full of goodies and Dan winning a beautiful pair of earrings! Which he says are not his color, so his bride will get them! Both were won in free raffles. We relaxed in the sun but never far from the food! It was German-Austria buffet at lunch complete with authentic band. Speaking of music, we've heard a rock n' roll band, jazz band, classical string quartet, and piano soloist. And yes, Gina...we're adding to our girth with desserts! Wish you were all here!!

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Gina said...

Dan, what color were the earings? They might match your suit....

I can only picture the beautiful, blue ocean. It sounds breathtaking! That is so amazing that you got an upgrade on the room. Talk about an extra little blessing. I kinda wish I was a fly on the wall watching you guys have the time of your lives. I tried to get Randy to take us over there to meet you, but there was something about him having to work so we coudln't. Maybe next time! lol