Sunday, August 9, 2009

Salmon and Chicken

I'm always so impressed you those of you (Karla) that post pictures of incredible meals-so I couldn't pass up the chance to show you the salmon & chicken that was served at a wedding I attended! They were both fabulous! The chicken had citrus and blueberries in the sauce, such a wonderful marriage of flavors! (The sides of garlic mashed and steamed vegetables were served family style.) Of course, the bride and groom were fabulous too. I accompanied my dad to the wedding and reconnected with cousins I hadn't seen in years and wondered why we hadn't kept in touch like my dad has. In any case, it was a great evening at the Zenith Vineyard out Wallace Rd. and we enjoyed the view, the celebration and....amazing food!

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KandN said...

Careful! Once you get in the habit of photographing your food, it's hard to stop! ;>)