Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hi Ho, Hi Ho..It's off to work I go

I only have less than a week before the official start of school for teachers in my small district but like educational folks everywhere, we are in working long before the required (and paid) start time.
I've already been in to move furniture and set up the space but since I'm babysitting grandkids, yesterday I decided to share the experience with them. I had to change rooms this year so everything is in boxes. They helped open a few and then were happy to play while I began the unpacking. Deciding where to put things is as hard as the physical aspect of lifting and moving mountains of those heavy books. Corbyn was a huge help breaking down the empty boxes for recycle too. We only got through about 20 boxes and there's at least that many left. ~SIGH~ I may go back again today and there is an upside--the building has AC!

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