Saturday, January 17, 2009

The sun came out!

We actually saw the sun and a gorgeous Mt. Hood while in Troutdale for a team training for work. Troutdale was COLD, very windy, but sunny! The training was held at Edgefield Manor, an old historical building, but because some of the team didn't like the idea of shared bathrooms, no TV in rooms, etc. we stayed at a Best Western down the road. I was very disappointed but...oh well, I wasn't paying for it. I should have had my camera though. The building was full of wonderful painted murals and loads of character. The first day we were a bit dismayed when it appeared that most of the sessions were for secondary schools but we made the best of it with and even got in a few hours for our own team meeting in the afternoon. Day two was better. Today, it's back to work on cleaning up the branches in the yard still and then, (yeah!), D and I are heading to the coast for a break. No money but lots of credits for the condo works just fine these days.

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