Saturday, January 24, 2009

Isn't God Good?

We are feeling so blessed today. First, Dan had a productive time in Spokane. He had gone up with some friends who were moving their daughter up north of there for a job and although he insisted, they wouldn't let him pay for gas. Anyway, he was able to do some needed repairs, etc. for mom and Gil. They would NEVER ask for help, but when we said Dan was coming and they'd better get a list of things for him to do, they didn't have any trouble finding things. Gil (93 years old)has lost his appetite and was going downhill fast. But with Dan there, he perked up and ate every meal and then some. Mom said the gift of time with them both was as valuable as the work he did. Dan's a fast worker so he got a lot done for them in the 4 days he was there too. Then, in spite of the huge amount of work he's done cleaning up all the fallen oak, that in itself turned out to be a mixed blessing. We are trading some oak firewood for some beef! Our freezer will be full for all those fun summer barbecues. And most importantly of all, we are blessed because Randy finally asked Gina!! We will have that summer wedding in the backyard and yes, the storm debris will be gone by then! God is good!

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