Sunday, November 16, 2008

Beautiful weekend at the coast!

The coast was beautiful this weekend-sunny and actually not too cold! In fact, there wasn't any wind this morning while we went for a walk on the beach. So hard to leave! While there we had an "Owner Update" with a very nice guy who gave us all kinds of great ideas to utilize our credits to help our finances. We have a 2 bedroom condo unit booked for the week of Spring Break at the brand new Disneyland condo (we had wanted to take the grandkids-before the job loss), so we are going to list it on Craig's list. If there are no takers, then we can still cancel it by Feb. with no penalty. It should be worth at least $200 per night but we might take bids. Anyway, it was a great "light at the end of the tunnel" moment to think about being able to do something like that. For now Dan's going to be busy this week doing some odd jobs for a couple of people from church and making some things for a craft fair this weekend. :>)

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