Monday, July 6, 2009


It was a quick decision, but there was no question that I needed to make a trip to Spokane when I found out that my mom fell and broke her hip Saturday evening. It was not only our concern for my mom, but also my 93 year- old step-dad who is fragile. Sunday morning I hopped a plane (it was a small little prop one-I hate flying on those) but made it here before mom came out of surgery. She's doing as well as can be expected and I'll be able to take Gil to his physical therapy and to get his hearing aid fixed. That's another issue--he can't hear so when the doctors need to give information, someone needs to hear. Today Gil's daughter and husband brought in a laptop so mom can check email and it's convenient for me to be able too as well. I'll keep the blog updated as possible.

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KandN said...

Oh Shirley! Your poor mom and Gil! What can I do on this end? Deadhead roses, at least?