Thursday, February 19, 2009

Successful First Day

The grandchildren got over the hurdle of the first day at the new school on Wednesday and grandma settled down a bit! It's hard to be farther away from them, I was used to seeing the kids and reading with them at least once during the week and that probably won't happen now but since Gary gets them on the weekends, we'll still get some "Nana and Pa" time.
Dan jumped right back into the handyman role - a teacher friend (a widow) had a soft laundry room floor that ended up being a leaky hot water heater. (She said it'd been there since the 70's). He repaired the floor yesterday and this morning is already out the door to install the hot water heater. Then he's off to help friend Sherry (legally blind) with a house project. Although we are hoping, for financial reasons, that he gets called back to work soon, I think others are hoping that he doesn't! Being busy and helpful though has been so wonderful during this long dry spell!

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