Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Education Priorities

I learned that my darling grandchildren were denied entrance to their new school yesterday because the school had not yet received the IEP and they didn't feel they were "ready" for the oldest child! IF what their mother said was true, and she filled out registration papers over a week ago---that principal was outside of the Oregon and federal law! On the other hand, schools can register children one day and ask that they come the next day if she had NOT done that ahead of time. I just envision all their nervous, smiling faces going to what they thought was their first day at a new school and then being told they couldn't stay. The "mother bear" in me wants to call that principal and tell him the ORA that requires him to take students!! Since it won't be in the kids' best interest, I'll control myself and spend some time praying for a smooth transition today.

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