Wednesday, September 17, 2008

September 13th-14th

It was a quick weekend for sure! I flew up to Spokane on Saturday morning and back home again Sunday afternoon. We sure packed a lot of family fun into those short hours! Five of the siblings were there, and many of my mother's grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The wedding was held on Mt. Spokane at a beautiful lodge, the bride was beautiful, the groom calm and both were perfect hosts. We had never met her family before but they were delightful. It'll be easy to blend these families--although most of her side lives in Wisconsin. My sisters and I stayed up way too late talking and then woke early to have a quick 60th birthday breakfast for the oldest sis, Diane, and then off to get sister Joanne to the airport. After church, we had a fabulous dinner of salmon that was caught and smoked by a fellow from the Aleut tribe from Kodiak, Alaska. Great weekend!

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