Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Atypical Tuesday

It was not a normal day. Dan had been having pains the night before (but of course, didn't tell his wife). At least when they worsened in the morning he headed to the Dr's office. Good move! Anyway, the Dr. did an exam and blood tests and sent him to the hospital with a possible diagnosis of diverticulitis. They needed a c-scan to determine if surgery was needed. At least at this time, Dan called and let me in on it! I was at school working and had the boys with me, so after dropping them off to Sarah, met him at the hospital. If you've gone through this before you know that you have to drink some nasty stuff for the hour before the test. They told him to not take less than the hour to do that. The c-scan was painless of course, and we went home to await the verdict. Thankfully, surgery was not needed, just a couple of medications.

After getting Dan's meds and dinner, I went back to pick up the boys from Gary for one more night. But when I tried to start the car at Gary's apartment, the battery was dead! Oh why didn't I have the jumper cables with me? He checked with his neighbors, none of which had any and then drove over to Belle's house to get hers. So, in the pouring down rain after dark, we got the task done. Not a big problem in the scheme of things, but certainly a jolt back to reality after such a relaxing vacation! Guess we're ready to start another school year now! Today I'll go get a new battery and get some more done at school. Dan? Yes, you guessed it, even though he's in pain, he went back to work! He figured he'd wouldn't hurt any more there than here!

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KandN said...

Dan's getting to know his doctor this summer, isn't he? I'm glad it didn't call for surgery. Is it diverticulitis?