Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rejoice-what was lost is found!

Okay, I admit it....I'm getting old. Usually we say that so someone nearby will reassure us that we aren't that old but this time there's no reassurance possible! As often happens because Dan needs to go to church early, we were in separate cars today so after the birthday party I stopped to get gas. So far, so good. However a few hours later this afternoon when I went to get something from my wallet, I discovered it was gone!!! We searched high and low and finally concluded that I must have dropped it at the service station getting into the car or something. Of course, that would mean that it'd be long gone and the nightmare of reporting credit cards and getting a new license and insurance cards, etc. would begin. As I prayed, Dan decided to stop by on his way to work just to check and HALLELUJAH...the wallet was behind the counter waiting for us to claim it. God bless the honest workers at the ARCO on Baxter Road! And yes, I am getting old and my mind going. The wallet had been left on the counter, not fallen out of my purse as suspected. OUCH!

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