Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

It's hard to accept pampering but I appreciate it nonetheless! While we were spending time enjoying a gorgeous weekend on the beach, Randy & his beloved were spreading barkdust in some unfinished planters! Then when we returned home we were served a delicious dinner. I also enjoyed a wonderful visit with Dusty, Crystal and the boys. I cherish the grandma time and enjoyed the new sounds and faces Michael is trying out. He just lights up when he giggles! I didn't get to see my eldest but spent time talking with him as well as visiting via the phone with my own mother. All in all, a great Mother's Day.

PS-While at the coast, we were given tickets to the Sha Na Na concert so we went and had a riot! We were in the second row even! What a blast from the past---was 1969 really 40 years ago?! Someone I was talking to referred to himself as having "high mileage". Maybe that's better than saying "chronologically challenged" or just plain OLD. Let's just say that most of the folks I work with weren't alive when this group was at Woodstock! Oh well, there is a certain pleasure in reliving your youth and while the music played, we were teens again!

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KandN said...

What a special weekend you two had together!