Friday, April 24, 2009

False Alarm (I hope)

This afternoon at school my left arm started hurting a bit so I took off my cardigan sweater to check. I found a rash--in a line from my wrist almost to my elbow. It hadn't been there in the morning when I showered and dressed so it seemed a bit odd. Because it was raining last night, I hadn't been out gardening so it seemed far-fetched that it could be caused by something I'd connected with doing that chore. My sister's recent bout with shingles crossed my mind and when a friend thought it might be shingles too, I decided I'd better get checked. Of course, the Dr.'s office had no openings and sent me to the Urgent Care being suspicious of that same diagnosis. Anyway, the Dr on duty said he'd never seen shingles start on the arm but didn't know what it could be so, to be on the safe side, sent me home with a prescription to fill IF it gets worse or appears on the usual places. I'm not sure what it is, but very glad it's not "dreaded shingles"! My sister is still suffering and it's been months!

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KandN said...

Weird!! Almost sounds like you came into contact with something during your morning or the night before. I hope it clears up fast!